How to get rid of arm flab – arm fat

How to get rid of arm flab
arm flabSo you see all those perfectly toned models on TV all day and wonder how you can fix those flabby arms? While there are a few things you can do, you should know that there is no form of spot training for particular areas of your body. You have to go the traditional way for the most part and aim for overall weight loss.
Make cardio a way of life. 30 minutes brisk walking daily will do you wonders.
Use weights for your arms to accelerate the process of reducing the arm flab. Make sure to use that strength of weights that exhausts you after 15 reps at a time. Try these exercises:
exercise1) Keep your arm to your side. Have the elbow joint to your side at the waist. Now lift your hand (from the elbow to the wrist) and hold it at right angles with your body. Lift this part of the hand towards your chest. Drop it back to the right angle, the elbow still being joint at the waist.  Do as many reps as you can. Repeat with the other hand.

2) Hold your hand straight up. Bend the part between the elbow and wrist to lie horizontally on your head. Bring to original position. Do as many reps as you can. Repeat with the other hand.
push up3) Also try push-ups. As a woman, you might not be able to do them the traditional way. Never mind. Lean against a window sill or a couch and try the oblique push ups if you can’t do the horizontal ones. The best part about weights and push ups is that you can do them whenever you get time, and do not need any sophisticated equipment for the same. So do them as many times you can in a day and see all that arm flab disappear.
yoga4) Try aerobic exercises or yoga. While yoga will not show immediate weight loss, it helps to tone up the muscles over a period of time.
You need to burn the fat that sits on the muscles. You need to burn the calories. Along with regular cardio, weights, push ups etc. pay attention to your diet.
Instead of grabbing the snack jar every time you feel a hunger pang, wait for a few minutes or drink a glass of water. Most of the times you are just thirsty.
When you do have to eat, gorge up on fruits and green vegetables. Even one small serving will fill you up. It does wonders for your skin too.
breakfast and waterHave a wholesome breakfast. Skipping breakfast will make you hungry often and you will binge throughout the day.
While eating out, skip the mocktails and aerated drinks. You’ll be shocked to know how much sugar each glass contains. Each glass takes you back by a days workout.
While you’re doing all this, you can try wearing cap sleeves or 3/4th sleeves. They look very chic too. And in a month of the working out, you can bring back the sleeveless and flaunt your toned arms!

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Getting rid of bed bugs – How to get rid of bed bugs yourself

How to get rid of Bed Bugs yourself

bed bugBed bugs are really really small pests that feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals and humans. It will usually take some effort from you to actually physically locate the bed bugs in your house because of their size, but you will know they exist if you wake up every morning with multiple mosquito-bite type red inflammations on your skin.bed bug bites

Prevention is better than cure. Though not very easy in this case, you can try by examining the bed frames and mattresses carefully before you bring them home. Also steer clear of used furniture.Be very sure of what you bring back from a vacation. If there was even a slight chance that the hotel you stayed in had bed bugs, keep all your baggage away from the other stuff, till you have thoroughly cleaned all of it. This is the most common gateway for bed bugs to enter your house.Once you are sure bed bugs have infested your sleep haven, it is time for action.
Here is what you can do to get rid of these bad bugs.

bed bugs1) Wash all the bedding and mattresses in very hot water. Rinse at least twice to make sure the bed bugs have been killed.
2) Vacuum the bed frames, carpentry, desks, chairs, drapes, carpeting, everything! Since bed bugs are not limited to beds alone.

bed bugs on mattress3) Once this is done, you will need some bed bug killing chemical treatment like a pesticide spray. These are usually available in all drugstores. They contain a strong dose of pesticides like permethrins which are a huge health hazard, be sure to stay out of the infected room for at least 2-3 hours after using these.
bed spray4) Kill the bed bugs on the spot by spraying the infested areas with some rubbing alcohol. This will suffice to check their spread till you call for professional help.
5) Alternatively, you can call a pest control professional who will get the pesticide and spray your room for you. Try the local phone directory. You are sure to find a handful of these persons. This is a far safer option because they can detect the harbouring sites of bedbugs accurately. They use modern technology and environment friendly material to get rid of the bed bugs, thus ensuring your and your pets’ health safety.
6) You can use insecticides too, but never on the area where you sleep. Limit them only to the cracks and crevices in the bed frames.
7) Bed bugs cannot last in conditions with extreme heat, so steam cleaning is a very effective way to get rid of bed bugs. Before you do this however, strip down the room to the bare minimum, because for the treatment to work, the bed bugs need to be exposed. Take off all the bedding and mattresses off the bed frame and uncover the cushions. Expose each crack and crevice because that’s where the bedbugs are. You can do steam cleaning on your own or hire a local bug exterminator.
8) Do not take the bug bites lightly. They are the perfect agent for the transmission of disease causing pathogens from one host to another. These bug bites cause the skin to tear, making it more susceptible to infection, which is when you should see the doctor. A bug bite would usually take 1-2 days to heal. If it does not, you should visit the doctor.

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